Our Approach

What Is Our Approach?

Values anchor our holistic, integrative approach , which uses evidence-based techniques to develop practical solutions and create long lasting behavioral change.

Values Based:

Getting in touch with our values—what kind of person we want to be and what truly matters to us—invigorates and energizes us. This is important because values direct and guide our behaviors. Values represent our deeply held beliefs, so they motivate us to create and maintain behavioral change. Learn More about Values

Evidence Based:

Because extensive research supports their efficacy, we utilize the highest quality, evidence-based interventions using CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy), DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy), ACT (Acceptance and Commitment), and Schema Therapy.


We work with the whole person within the organizational context. While many coaches focus solely on strengths, we believe it’s also necessary to understand your weaknesses—your pain, blind spots, and unhelpful thinking and behavioral patterns—in order to overcome barriers to actualizing values and achieving goals.


We integrate evidence-based psychotherapy with business expertise (group dynamics, entrepreneurship, start-ups, organizational management, and industrial organizational psychology). This enables us to quickly assess and understand issues in individual and organizational behavior and to implement a customized action plan for behavioral change.

Practical and Behavioral:

Our main focus is always to create and maintain practical behavioral change—that is, to help you and your organization become who and what you want to be. We provide tools and strategies to overcome obstacles to effective action. These increase “behavioral flexibility,” the ability to choose effective actions in the face of difficult thoughts and feelings. This boosts both professional and personal performance and enhances quality of life.

Our goal is to provide you, individuals and organizations, with the skills you need to improve performance and cope more effectively with personal and professional challenges in the shortest time possible.

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