Workshops and Specialized Trainings

VBC offers a wide variety of workshops and specialized trainings. Each workshop is customized to meet the needs of your organization. We create effective workshops to enhance your team’s skills in the following areas:

Engaging Employees and Teams through Values
Identifying Values for Leaders
Motivating Employees Through Values
Managing Emotions and Thriving Under Pressure
Embracing Transitions and Change
Managing and Resolving Conflicts Effectively
Problem-solving and Generating Solutions
Effective Communication
Diversity and Inclusion

We provide the convenience of on-site training that is customized to specially target your employees and your organization. Each workshop’s learning objectives are tailored to match your organization’s needs to ensure maximum results. Our workshops are experiential and utilize specially designed exercises, personality inventories, and skills building techniques. Our approach, methodology, and experienced facilitators will ensure that your organization reaches it’s goals.

Workshops can be delivered in various formats from 1-hour to full-day or multi-day retreats. Additionally, we offer on-site and off-site retreats, as well as post-training follow up coaching.

Customized Workshops and Retreats

We offer customized workshops, on-site/off-site retreats, and intensives that are specially designed events for leaders or teams. Every intervention is tailored to your unique organizational needs. After providing a full analysis of the issues at hand, we develop a specific action plan and prepare specialized questionnaires to monitor improvement. We facilitate customized off-site events for executives and teams to help optimize performance and build authentic communication and collaboration.

We utilize research-based interventions and assessments to measure outcomes and to monitor results so that you can track the positive changes that are occurring. Our workshops are experiential and utilize specially designed values exercises, personality inventories, and skills building techniques. Our approach, methodology, and experienced facilitators will ensure that your organization reaches it’s goals. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR NEEDS ANALYSIS.

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