What We Do

We provide you—individuals and organizations—with the skills you need to improve performance and cope more effectively with personal and professional challenges in the shortest possible time. One-on-one or team coaching is available. In one-on-one executive and/or personal coaching, you work with a coach individually on professional and/or personal issues. We help you identify where you are stuck, and then clarify your values so you can move forward in a meaningful direction. In team and organizational coaching, we help teams become more effective by assessing norms, patterns, and personality styles, and then implementing solutions such as skill building, problem solving, or team building. We coach cofounders, executive teams, and work teams (such as an engineering group). We specialize in working with fast-growth companies to help enhance team’s productivity and coach employees.

Organizational Coaching

Coaching for teams or organizations to identify issues, and then resolve conflicts, strengthen culture, build cohesion, and increase motivation/productivity.

Executive Coaching

Coaching for co-founders, entrepreneurs, and executives to work through barriers and enhance your ability to collaborate and perform using a values-based approach.

Relationship Coaching

Coaching for online dating, divorce, and relationship stuckness to assist you in moving forward in a valued direction.

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